Internship periods

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3rd year

Type of internship : Assistant engineer internship

Period : July to October

Length : 3 to 4 months

Subjects : Site work, drilling supervision, geotechnical and hydrogeological testing, geophysical applications, sampling, measurements, data input and processing, GIS, CAD, etc.

Objective : To apply knowledge and develop student responsibility

Gap year

Period : between 3rd and 4th year

Length : 12 months

Objective : Professional, humanitarian or sabbatical

5th year

Type of internship : Final year internship

Period : January to end of June

Length : 6 months

Subjects : Research & Development surveys, summaries, extensive site or contract monitoring in all geoscience fields, quality plans, optimisation, etc.

Objective : To apply theoretical and practical knowledge in addressing a real-life problem in an industrial or laboratory situation. This will serve as the basis for the Engineering Thesis with Specialization in Geology.

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