Inter-disciplinary Sciences and Management

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Department facts & information

The department encompasses 3 main domains: Computer science and information systems, Human Sciences, Corporate Sciences. Our purpose is to give students an understanding of concepts, methods, languages and tools used by engineers in these domains, whatever their functions and sectors of activity.


The department is in charge of two Specialized Courses, delivered in the 5th year of the “Agriculture” programme: “SME’s management & Consultancy” and “Marketing & Commercial Development”.



  • Computer laboratories
  • Software


Research, studies, Consultancy Courses

  • Design of information systems
  • Marketing, continual trust and medicinal food
  • Public ethics
  • Innovation and communication related to health-enhancing food
  • Partnerships, co-branding and B-to-B relationships in the food-processing sector
  • Continuing education in international economics, agricultural economics and management sciences.

Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais - 19, rue Pierre Waguet - BP 30313 - 60026 BEAUVAIS Cedex - France - Phone: 03 44 06 25 25